It’s Hard to Blog on Vacation

September 5, 2012 at 7:57 am 1 comment

Ah, so blog neglect has happened thanks to lots of travel and tons of fun. I haven’t taken a lot of pictures with my phone and I can’t upload my camera pictures until I get back to Reno, so here is a brief synopsis of the past five days.

We flew.

Then we arrived in Annapolis, Maryland just in time to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday. After dinner we piled into a stretch Hummer limo and went across town to where another friend was playing music. We danced. And sweated. It is grossly humid in Annapolis. But it was a fantastic time. I kept looking around and seeing my best friends from high school and feeling so happy to be surrounded by some of my favorite people.

On Saturday we piled into a bus with 35 other friends to go celebrate a wedding. Needless to say, with a start like that, it was another fantastic day. We ate, drank, played horseshoes, swam in the pool and all around whooped it up. On Sunday we recovered, ate a variety of crab dishes (when in Rome…) and enjoyed the company.

Monday we drove through Virginia to go to my first Virginia Tech football game in about 8 years! I grew up going to games, but where I’ve been living (Texas, Boston, Nevada) and my vacation schedule over the years has prevented me from getting to a game.

Even though thick storm clouds threatened us the whole tailgate and throughout the game, miraculously, it didn’t rain. Tech used to be a military school so there’s still a large military presence during games.

The game was fun–I almost lost my voice from shouting–but at the end of the 4th quarter it looked like we were going to lose. We rallied back to get into field goal range and tied the game to send it into overtime. Yay! The other team had the ball first and we stopped them from scoring on fourth down with an interception. Yay! Then we lined up a field goal and boom! A VT win! It was very exciting.

I love football.

Then, yesterday, I showed D where I grew up. We stopped by my old elementary school, which has been closed for a few years now.

I spent 6 years of my life in this building, which remains the longest I’ve ever spent in one place. Lots and lots of memories here. But with the building getting run down and being vacant the grounds were a little creepy.

This is the view from the playground. Not bad. Except in the springs when those fields were fertilized with manure. Country life…

Then we hit the road for another 5 hour drive, this time through North Carolina. Pretty uneventful along the way except for what felt like a mandatory pit stop at the world’s ultimate shopping zone. Prepare yourself:


Would you be surprised if I said it actually was not the ultimate shopping zone? Well, it was pretty cool, I guess, but there were no old ladies smoking cigarettes at the ice cream counter beside the t-shirts and to me, that is the epitome of a shopping experience in North Carolina.

Now we are at the beach and we get 3 1/2 days of swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking, surfing and lounging on the beach. And I really need to go on a run.

I’ll be back later this week with some exciting news and, hopefully, a running update or two. Stay tuned…


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