Update: The Cleanse

August 24, 2012 at 10:31 am Leave a comment

I’m almost through with the third week of The Cleanse and thought a quick update would be good for a Friday post. The first week was really hard in terms of hunger and cravings, and I struggled, but stayed strong. Since then, the cravings have subsided and I am no longer so hungry between meals. I’m finding that I’m hungry right around when it’s time to eat again. And when I do get to eat I make delicious meals like this. (Sorry that the picture of off-center. It’s something to do with my blog theme…)

That was my breakfast last weekend: kale and quinoa sauteed in a bit of coconut oil (the quinoa was already cooked, just threw it in the pan to warm it up), poached egg, avocado, berries. YUM!

The Cleanse has also improved my energy level (gotta love that clean burn), my sleep cycle, and my skin is showing the results–my pores have shrunk and I generally have less redness in the T-zone.

I have, however, fallen off the wagon a few times the past two weekends.  It’s the summertime (duh) and with summer comes things like the Shakespeare Festival in Lake Tahoe (and how can you be there, with your toes in the sand watching Two Gentlemen of Verona, and not have a glass of wine?!). See?

I also went to a bridal shower and an appetizer-wine pairing ladies night. Friends were in town and we went out to a special dinner. Naturally, sugars and glutens (is that a word?) were eaten. Several times. Oh well. The difference for me this time around is that I’m not beating myself up about it, and I’m quickly forgiving myself. So I splurged a little on my food. So it took me a few days to detox again and lose the pounds. So what? In the bigger picture, everything I’m doing is so much more important, splurges are going to happen, and wallowing in the self-loathing does not do a body good. In between the splurges I stuck to the Cleanse where I could (breakfast smoothies) and on Mondays jumped back on with the same discipline I had on Fridays.

Perhaps most importantly, falling off the Cleanse wagon teaches me how quickly my body reacts to things like sugar and gluten, so I’m planning on being extra careful next week when the Cleanse is over and D and I travel to the East Coast for an 8 day vacation that will include a wedding, a reunion with dear friends, a football game and beach days.  Overall, I’m feeling more confident in my ability to take what I’m learning about my relationship with food to “real life,” where my main goals will be to eat every 4-6 hours, to NOT SNACK, and to stay away from gluten, at least in the form of breads (so I might have a beer or two), and limit sugar intake as much as I can.

However, despite my less than by-the-book Cleanse, I’m down 10 pounds, which is fantastic. That means that, since February, I’ve lost 18 pounds. I want to push for a few more pounds to lose over the next week, but all in all I’m super psyched and feeling good. This is kind of how I feel, in sky form:


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